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Bringing Personal Growth Vendors and Affiliates Together.

Searchable Affiliate Marketplace - Have your own products, gifts and squeeze pages INSTANTLY on an Integrated Affiliate Platform as well as discover more ways to locate and promote high quality PERSONAL GROWTH products in  your audience will love... 


Tracking Tools and Resources.

You'll no longer need to guess about how your promotions are performing - JV Garden's extensive Tracking and Statistics will allow you to pinpoint what's working and where to make improvements - all with a click of a button....

Instant Payments

The Missing Piece To The Commission Puzzle. 

Put an end to waiting weeks or months for commissions. With JV Garden's Adaptive Payment Processing, Vendors and Affiliates get paid INSTANTLY via Paypal's Split Payment System, which means... Promote Today ~ Get PAID TODAY! 

Earn More

Leave the processing details to us. With our split payment system, JV Garden does all the heavy lifting while you can concentrate on impacting lives and doing what you do best. 

No chargebacks or dispute hassels to deal with. Since our proven system handles payment processing you will never have to fuss over refunds again - keeping your account in good standing and your affiliates happy!

Instant Access

Signup as a FREE Affiliate today and get Instant Access to high quality personal growth products to promote and start earning commissions today! 

With JV Garden's extensive categories and product mix, you will have an opportunity to select products your list, subscribers, followers, and website visitors will love. 

Complete the simple registration form and you will gaim immediate access to all of the products you can promote in our Marketplace. 

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Seamless Funnels (coming soon)

VENDORS - Put an end to struggles and technical challenges constructing your sales and marketing funnels...

Setup sales pages, free gift squeeze pages, OTOs and more, then combine them effortlessly for maximum effectiveness.


  • List Building Mastery 
    Reinforce your list building efforts and add buyers to you list instantly upon purchase.
  • Digital Delivery and Security
    JV Garden will securly deliver your digital products, license keys and login credentials without additional tools or expensive scripts.
  • 3rd Party Software
    Seamlessly integrated with 3rd party software like DAP, SPBAS, and Wishlist Member.




Integrated DAP, SPBAS and Wishlist Member for seamless login and license key delivery.



Launch and Unveiling at the Las Vegas Affiliate Appreciation  Mastermind.



Coming Soon: JV Scheduling Calender and Networking Center...


WOW! I can't even believe what I'm seeing. Finally, a Personal Growth Marketplace and NO waiting for commissions! You guys are amazing!

-- Khai Ng, Vendor

After years of wading through a sea of Internet Marketing products on other sites to find (few and far inbetween) high quality and credible self help offers, this site is like manna from heaven! 

-- Kathy Dobson, Affiliate